Princeton Puzzle Hunt is an annual team competition for puzzle-enthusiasts and those who enjoy solving logic puzzles, brain teasers, and word games.

Our hunt is created to test creativity and interdisciplinary thinking -- from math and the sciences to the humanities. Importantly, our puzzles are designed to be accessible to everyone! Check out our puzzles from last year here.

The hunt will be held on Princeton's campus Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm, with opening ceremony at 11:00 am and awards at 5:00 pm.

Form a team of up to 5 people and join the competition! If you are struggling to find a team or your current group feels too small and you don’t know whom else to invite, just let us know (puzzles@princeton.edu) and we may be able to help!

Top teams will receive prizes. Participating teams will also receive an assortment of intriguing puzzles, games, and other swag! Note: only teams from Princeton campus will be eligible for prizes. However, any team with access to the internet is welcome to compete!

Winning Team: $500

2nd place: $400

3rd place: $300

4th place: $200

5th place: $100

Meet the Team

Here's the team behind Princeton Puzzle Hunt 2019!


Yusha Sun '20

George Noarov '20

Outreach Chair

Thomas Sachen '22

Logistics Chair

Maris Fechter '19

Puzzle Czars

Sacheth Sathyanarayanan '22

Kimberly Hou '22

Website, Graphic Design, and Programming

David McElroy '21

Lilly Meng '20

Wendi Yan '22

Finance Chair

Anthony Hein '22

Puzzle Writers

Henry Herrington '22

Ian Johnson '22

Liza Rozenberg '22

Wendi Yan '22

Vincent Pagano '22

Directors Emeritus

Mick Sornwanee '20

Board Emeritus

Victor Zhang '20


A huge thank you to our partners!