Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any hints?

Yes! Participants can request two sets of hints for each stage; doing so, however, will decrease the value of puzzles in that stage. For more information, refer to the "Hints" section under "Rules."

Are all competitors eligible for prizes?

Sorry, no. Only teams on campus will be eligible for prizes.

I found an error in this puzzle!

Please email us at and we’ll make sure to see if it's an error. If so, we’ll issue a correction. If urgent, you may also come to our headquarters at Frist 302 to speak to a member of the board.

I’m stuck on a puzzle. What can I do?

Try rereading the title or flavor text. Are there any words that can be read in multiple ways? Do some words have multiple meanings? Read them carefully!

If there are pictures, can you identify them? Look at the list of common puzzle elements and see if anything seems to match. Look up any relevant phrases in the puzzle title, flavor text, or in the puzzle, and see if they match anything.

Still stuck? Try requesting a set of hints!

We forgot our password! What do we do?

Email us at! We can reset your password for you.

Does the hunt require my physical presence?

No -- everything can be done online this year! If you are a Princeton student, you are invited to the kickoff and awards ceremonies!

I submitted too many times, can I submit again?

Unfortunately, we have a limit on submissions to discourage continuous guessing. We will have a 15 submission limit on all puzzles.

If you’ve submitted a word or phrase and it was incorrect, maybe there’s another part to the puzzle you still need to do. Think carefully!

Can we use the Internet?

Of course, it’s your best resource! Chances are you definitely need to use it.

Do I need to solve all puzzles in a stage prior to solving its meta puzzle?

There are three meta puzzles, and to solve each meta puzzle, you need to solve all the puzzles in that stage. To be more specific, to solve the first stage's meta puzzle, you need to have solved the 3 puzzles in that stage.

Can I ask others for help?

To keep it fair, please limit your discussion of the puzzles to your team of five. That excludes friends on other teams and friends who are not participating in the hunt.

This hunt is so much fun! Can I join the organizing team next year?

Yes! Please email our president, Yusha (, for more information on how to help out.