hi there!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

11am - 5pm


Competition ends

4:30 pm

The puzzle hunt is ending shortly. Please come to Frist 302 at 5:15 pm for the awards ceremony and to find out who won! There will be lots of free swag, bubble tea for the first few who arrive, prizes for the winners and special submissions, and raffles.

Half an hour left!

4:02 pm

Time to ramp up!

Change to Tessel(ish)on

3:04 pm

We have fixed the scaling slightly to Tessel(ish)on.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Reminder to use hints!

2:40 pm

There are two hours left in the competition!

To speed up your progress, please consider requesting the hints as provided, especially if you are experiencing difficulties solving a puzzle.

Stage 3 unlocked

2:33 pm

Stage 3 is now unlocked for everyone!

Happy puzzle solving!

Change to You Think You're Clever

1:45 pm

A recent update was made to the puzzle You Think You're Clever. The picture under the text

"It is a puzzle! But alas! You missed a section of the column. It appears to be a hint of sorts..."

indexed by 1 mistakenly occurred twice. It has been fixed now.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Stage 2 now available!

12:43 pm

Stage 2 is now unlocked for everyone.

Remember that if you request hints for the second stage, it will not affect the point values for questions in the previous stages. You can still request hints for the first stage.

Competition begins!

11:30 am

Competition has begun!

We still have pizza (and now drinks, cups, and plates) in Frist 302, so please feel free to pop by at any point during the next couple hours.

In regards to hints, if you request a set of hints, the amount of points each set of questions in the meta block will decrease by the amount indicated in parentheses.

As always, please email puzzles@princeton.edu for any questions.

30 minutes until check-in!

10:34 am

Check-in will be in Frist 302. Come by if you would like a room, have account log-in issues, or want food or free swag!